Meeting with the youth groups for cleaning the lake of Fierza

Environmental club at "Havzi Nela” school, Ambassadors of Nature, and youth association YFI (Youth in Free Initiative), were part of a meeting with President of Kukes Region Mr. Ibsen Elezi. This meeting took place in the context of continuing Frieze lake purification, action that will continue even this week. In this cleaning action, there also participate leaders and representatives of all institutions who are already part of the working group and action plan for cleaning up the lake.

Youth groups expressed their willingness to contribute to environmental protection and specifically in cleaning the lake tomorrow on 05.23.2014.

Participants expressed many ideas for intervention and improving the environment in our city. YFI had a project idea for the publication of billboards in the city with real photos of abuse of the environment.

This will be an ongoing collaboration, even in the environmental week, June 1 to 5