"Sharri" border region - fifth meeting of the interested actors.

It is organized the next meeting of interested actors of “Sharri" border region in Prizren, Kosovo.  There was presented the draft program document for cross-border economic development of the "Sharra" region and there were also discussed general concepts for proposals which will be transformed into full projects to the European Union.

Projects will be based on three main areas which are:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Environment
  3. Infrastructure

It was also made a presentation of the Operation Protocol and Rules of Procedure for the interested group members, which defines the respective tasks that this group has in writing projects and procedures that will be followed.

In this meeting took part the representatives of SWG and representatives from all local government units included in the project.

The next meeting will be held in November, when it will be continued the work on finalization of approved projects and discussion for future proposals.