Strategic Project, Construction of Shishtavec – Dragash Road.

"Build together an attractive and prosperous region" is the title of Strategic Project IPA CBC 2012 - 2013. This project is funded by the European Union, total fund 2.16 million EUR (specifically 1.08 million EUR for Albania and 1.08 million EUR for Kosovo). The project aims to promote good neighborhood, cooperation between border areas and citizens of border regions to strengthen the socio-economic development, environmental and cultural heritage.

One of the main activities of this important project is the construction of Shishtavec - Dragash road, the theme of the meeting held at Shishtavec between the Delegation of the European Union and beneficiary parties of this project. There were discussed the technical elements of the project and the possibility for unified standards of road on both sides of the border.

This project also intends to reach:

  1. Construction of parking lots on both sides of the border crossing point.
  2. Accommodation and interior lighting of the roads of Shishtavec village.

Tourism signage along the road axis Kukes – Shishtavec.