Woods and pastures, the focus of development and employment opportunity.

In the context of encouraging the development of forests and pastures Kukes Regional Council held a meeting with representatives of the Association of Users of Communal Forests and Pastures, Malzi Commune.

The meeting aimed to engage the parties for intervention and collaboration in the field of forestry, namely the inclusion of chestnut as action to encourage employment in the "Territorial Employment Pact" project of ILO, an international organization.

It is thought to be included approximately 10 families involved in the chestnut cultivation, which will be selected according to criteria determined by field specialists. This project also includes training of a number of other persons interested in the cultivation of chestnut.

Association of Users of Communal Forests and Pastures chose Petkaj village as a pilot village, to carry out the process of registering the forest by emphasizing the cultivation of chestnut.

At the end of the meeting the parties discussed the idea of organizing a fair to promote the chestnut and other products.